March 2021 – Update

This month we have a new masterclass as well as a few short videos and we will also have a live on the 18th with Andy and Paul talking about White Acres from 7pm.

Then towards the end of the month Paul will be back out doing some fishing and hopefully bring you a few mini sessions.

With it looking like we can Match Fish from the 29th, we have pencilled in Andy for his first match back at Partridge to film it live and we will get that out to you very soon after.

Match Reports

You may have noticed that the Match Reports are no longer listed under the month sections. This is so it is easier for you to find old match reports by either browsing or using the search tool.

For example, if you want to find all matches that were at Tunnel you can search for Tunnel, likewise other venues such as Partridge.

An additional feature is the tags, so if you are watching a video you may see some tags below it, if you click these it will show all videos with the same tags, this is useful when you want to find similar videos for a specific venue or topic.

Hope these changes help, and any suggestions please let me know.



About Paul Holland Match Focus

This new service is based around providing the most relevant information regarding angling, as soon as possible.

This new video service will be focused on my match fishing. Everything from preparing for my upcoming events to analysing the result.

Available on a monthly basis, you will get access to a range of videos throughout the month including all my prep work from tying hooks to making waggler attachments. After each match I fish, you will be able to gain inside knowledge on how I fished the peg, the best areas, the best baits, and all the information you could possibly need to help you improve your angling.