Paul Holland Match Focus

Taking online coaching to the next level

Paul Holland Match Focus, will help you take your match fishing to the next level. Not everyone can afford to get a personal coaching lesson from today's top anglers. So, what better way to learn than through watching videos. This service will allow you to understand all the elements that go into match fishing. Each month Paul will show you all the preparation, the baits, tackle, tips, advice and in-depth analysis of each of the matches he fishes, together with all the preparation from making waggler attachments to spooling line on your reel. Anything that Paul does, he will show you so that you can improve your own match or pleasure fishing. Each week you will have access to new content in the form of videos.


Match Focus is available on a monthly recurring subscription at only £10 per month.


Support is available when you have any technical problems. Not everyone is technical and may run into a problem from time to time, whether it be a logging in issue, or you need some advice. You can get in touch with us and we will be on hand to get you back up and running. Just head over to the support page for more details.