Pollawyn in-depth – White Acres


In the second of my White Acres series, we head over to Pollawyn, aka Match Lake and sit on the famous high bank. This lake is one where you need to have a few methods in your armoury, so we have lots to cover including the Pellet Waggler, Bomb, Pole Shallow and Pole Deep.

The next video of my White Acres series moves us onto Pollawyn, aka Match Lake. This lake varies in depth throughout and you need quite a few methods in your armoury to do well in your festivals on here, or even if pleasure fishing. The lake holds a large stock of silvers, carp, carrasios and plenty of f1s with many of these only introduced this year.

In this video, we go in-depth and I cover what I know are the Hot Pegs, to give you a better insight into the lake. I then cover what I feel are match-winning methods that have given me many wins on this lake. We are sitting on the famous high bank today, and this area is where you need to have your options covered. First up we start on the Pellet Waggler and follow this with a second way of fishing the waggler by hanging the bait and being more patient with our approach. We next move onto the bomb line which is fished underneath your pellet waggler and I talk you through how I go about this. Next is the pole line, and we start off fishing shallow and I talk you through everything in fine detail, continued on again with a second approach fishing shallow with a long line and when and why I would choose this. Finally, we finish off with our deep pole line, again fished underneath the shallow pole line and when I would look to do this.

With so much to go through on this lake, I wanted to make sure we covered each area in detail so you have plenty to get through.

I go in-depth like never before and guide you through everything including dealing with bait limits.

Whether you are fishing a festival or heading down for a pleasure session, I am sure this will give you a great insight into how to approach Pollawyn, aka Match Lake.


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